How To: Add a focal point with light in Photoshop

Add a focal point with light in Photoshop

The video is basically about how to modify the focal point of the image. When the image has some stuff on the background and when you want the viewers to focus more on one particular area and making the rest of the image darker, you need to modify the light values of the image, which will be taught in this video. This can be done by just selecting the area, which you need to highlight on the image by giving some border and then add curves. In the curves the area is made darker than the rest by customizing the curves and then inverted so only the selected region gets brighter. The image may not look, so you then click on the filter and select Gaussian blur and then adjust the radius say about around 40 and click OK. Then you can change the opacity of things by adjusting it for around 60-80%. And this is the way you can make the viewers to focus on one particular region on the image leaving the rest of the image darker.

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