How To: Add glints to your images in Photoshop CS4

Add glints to your images in Photoshop CS4

In this tutorial video, YouTube user "inteltuts" discusses ways to use Photoshop CS4 to help make better looking product pictures, as a way to attract costumers to your online products. Using a black telephone as an example, he first shows how the opacity, linear dodge, and brush tools can help make a product image look shiner, sleeker and brighter. He goes onto create what he calls "glints", which are subtle reflections and areas of sparkling light that he places across the image. Lastly, he uses a uses a soft edged brush tool to help create a subtle glow around these reflections or sparkles, making it look even more attractive and enticing. By the end of his video, inteltuts has managed to transform what was originally an old looking telephone into a brighter, sleeker and shiner looking product through the use of Photoshop.

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