How To: Animate photos using Photoshop for beginners

Animate photos using Photoshop for beginners

In this how to video, you will learn how to create an animation with pictures using Photoshop. First, open an image in Photoshop. Double click the layer to unlock it. Next, open another picture in the program. Select and copy the first image, then paste it into the second image as a new layer. Close the original picture. Next, open another picture and copy it. Paste it into the other picture and close the latest picture. Open yet another image and copy and paste it into the previous picture. Close this picture and go back to the image with all the layers. Next, click the Image Ready icon in the left column. Right click and select Make Frames From Layers. Right click each and set the duration of each frame by choosing the time. Next, click play to see how the animation will be shown. Once you are happy with this, go to file and select save optimized. Enter the name of the file and click okay. Close everything and open the file. You will now see the animation working.

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