How To: augment decolletage (boob size) via Photoshop

augment decolletage (boob size) via Photoshop

Ok. Friday disclaimer. This one is fluff. Instructional fluff. Grown-men-behaving-like-children-fluff.

That said, Photoshop is less expensive and safer than elective surgery.

May I point your attention to the demented robot/automated voice. Somehow it just all makes sense.

Long live the internet!

Increase boobs size on pictures with Photoshop

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good video

man this is great

Was that Steven Hawking doing that?!

lmao. so it could be that ms. Anderson has been lying to us then, hmm? neat trick. xP

Pretty cool I did this 4 or 5 times on my GF's pic she loves the pics lol

wow..pretty cool lol


yea right


will this work on making our cocks bigger , to fak e the woman out like they do us ??

you could, but we don't care about size.

Will be trying this out, might even take a few pounds off too.

what adobe photoshop is this? is this cs4 or cs3? please notify me. thanks!

this is cs4, well i have Ps cs4 extended

u r the real einstien

wtf is steven hawking teaching us this

lol he's not he's using the speech function

kaneh... dat's y so many girl's boobs in facebook look bigger than the boobs they have in real life.. u saw something like a C-cup in their pics, in fact it is just A!

so important for us girls to fake out the rest of the population.

I want free softwares to increase boob size in the video clips and movtes please Thanks

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