How To: Batch automate in Photoshop

Batch automate in Photoshop

This how-to video produced by Photoshop Universe gives step-by-step instructions on how to batch automate a process in Adobe Photoshop. With this tutorial you'll be able to learn to correct white balance, enhance colors, resize, and save for the web whole folders' worth of images in one go. The first step to doing this is to open up one of the images in your folder and correct the white balance, enhance the colors, resize the photo and save. The next thing you want to do is to record all of these actions while you're doing this. Once you've recorded all of your actions in Photoshop you simply save the action with a given name. Now, the next time you can select a whole batch of photos in the Automation function of Photoshop and the program will automatically perform these functions for you. Using the automation action will save you time and improve your process of automating simple tasks in Photoshop.

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