How To: Change hair color in Photoshop the easy way

Change hair color in Photoshop the easy way

Open the Adobe Photoshop program.

Choose a picture with a head shot. This maybe something that is already in your pictures folder on your computer, downloaded from the internet or transferred from your flash drives, and those photos you may have scanned and saved in your computer.

Click on the "new layer" on the lower right of your Photoshop screen.

Create a white overlay using any of the painting tools. You can use brush tool, pen tool or lasso to use to cover the hair portion in white color. Just make sure that the white color is covering the hair completely.

Go to the layer's palette and choose "Normal" which you will use as a blending option. Then click on "Soft Light". The end result may not look natural or realistic therefore. In this case, you would need to make some adjustments.

Go to the top menu then click on "Image" then, go to "Adjustment" and then choose "Hue/Saturation." This is where you can adjust the color.

Change the saturation and color by adjusting or sliding the button left to right. Look at the hair image to see if the hair color is adjusting. Stop when you are satisfied with the color.

Click on OK to save your changes.

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