How To: Change lip color & shade in Photoshop

Change lip color & shade in Photoshop

Forget to put on lipstick before a photo? Or perhaps you want to spice up an old photo of someone you love. Well their is a way, as 4YouTutorial demonstrates step by step using Photoshop CS4. First upload a photo or image into Photoshop. Next access your Photoshop layers and delete the default locked layer. After, activate the zoom tool and zoom in on the photo where the lips are located. Next choose the quick selection tool (make sure it's on plus) and drag it over her lips. This process can be pretty rough, it doesn't need to be absolutely perfect as you'll see in the finish product. So try your best to cover the lips. After the lips are covered with the quick selection tool go to "image" then "Adjustments" and then "Brightness and Contrast" then you can adjust the colors from there to your taste and enjoy the last minute, but very effective, Photoshop makeup.

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