How To: Colorize line art images using Photoshop

Colorize line art images using Photoshop

In this video tutorial you will learn to to colorize line art images using Photoshop. Learn to use the magic wand selection tool to make the selection you want. This example involves painting a monkey character.

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This tutorial is very good. Is the best i found in web. If you are patient. you can follow step by step the tutorial and at the end the results are going to be excellent.
Oscar. Brazil
Do as i did. I prepared a simple lineart and watch the tutorial twice before i try my own lineart. After i fell secure to begin. I run the tutorial by phasee. and step by step i take the tutorial . I confess. I have learned to colorize cartoon too fast.

Excellent clean tutorial that is coordinated very well with the video demo! I watched it once, then colored my own line art along with the demo ! so cool- many thanks to - karin

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