How To: Convert color to black and white images in Photoshop

Convert color to black and white images in Photoshop

You can convert any color photo to black and white photo. In Photoshop CS3, There are 4 ways to do it.
1. You need to go to the Image-Mode and then click Grayscale. It will convert your image to black & white photo.
2. Go to the Image-Adjustments-Desaturate. Then you will see your image become black & white.
3. The third option is more advance then previous options. Go to the Image-Adjustments-Channel Mixer. A channel mixer Window will appear. Now click Monochrome. you see your image convert to black & white but you will also see some clipping in the image that's why you need to adjust some color in channel mixer box to fix it.
4. And now last option to convert image to black & white, you need to go to the Image-Adjustments then click "Black & White". It will convert the image into black & white and also show "Black And White" option window adjust that settings to your desire and click ok.

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