How To: Create an Apple style bar in Photoshop

Create an Apple style bar in Photoshop

First select the rectangle tool and draw the bar. Now you have to open up the layer style and choose gradient overlay. Now you need to edit the colors as showing in the video and then go to drop shadow option, you have to change the opacity of it to 20%, distance to 2 and click ok. Now type "Apple style" in new layer as showing in the video, set the size of text to 72pt. Now open layer style for the text and choose color overlay and set its color to dark grey, go to drop shadow and choose normal in blend mode, white in color, size to 0, distance to 1 and click ok. Finally we have to resize our bar according to text so select the move tool and press ctrl + t in keyboard then resize your bar. Also you can change the text very easily, select it with text tool and type whatever you want and you are done.

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