How To: Create a cell phone icon in Photoshop

Create a cell phone icon in Photoshop

Learn how to create a cell phone icon in Photoshop with this video tutorial. Draw a rectangle of radius 30 pixels by holding shift key. Right click on the toolbar and select Stroke button. It will open Layer Style dialog box. Set stroke color and set size to 2 pixels. Select Stop Color set little light red color and click on OK. Now, check on Inner Color option change size to 4 and Capacity value to about 60%. Now select Ellipse tool which will draw a ellipse and cover half of rectangle. Select layer mask to shift the layer and capacity to about 55%. Select Gradient tool and set black and white gradient. Apply gradient to all the mask. Select to shape the layer mask. Select Ellipse tool and draw it and fill with Black. Go to Filter Blue and select Gush en blue click OK and set the radius to 7 pixel. Select Rectangle and radius to 20 pixels. Put it over the previous ellipse resize it and apply. Above the rectangle draw another rectangle of radius 10 and of black color. Draw a rectangle and make its duplicate like keypads in the cellphone. Fill buttons with red color and set white background color.

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