How To: Create e-mail icon in Photoshop

Create e-mail icon in Photoshop

This video will walk you through the process of creating your very own icon to use for your email by using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a great tool to use for a variety of purposes and in this instance can make the perfect icon in just minutes.

1. Open New file with 500x500 px with black background. 2. Draw rectangle shape with light gray color. 3. Change foreground color to #b0b0b0. Click on pen tool under tools panel. Draw triangle shape. Create the other parts with the pen tool. 4. Select 1st shape. Change color to #e3e3e3. Give an inner glow effect to a shape. Go to Layer Panel > right click on Selected Shape > click on Blending Options. Blending Option opens > under it > check on Inner Glow > Change Blend Mode screen to normal > change color to #dadada. Under elements > increase size to 10. 5. Create a triangle shape using pen tool. Give gradient effect to that shape. Right click on Layer > Select Blending Options > Layer Style panel > check ON Gradient Overlay > Change Gradient Color > click on Left Color. Change the color to #b0afaf, click on right side color, and change the color to #d2d2d2. 6. Copy layer style of open flap triangle layer. Go to rectangle shape and right click on it. Paste layer style. Double click on Gradient Overlay Effect. Change angle 90 to 180. Now you can remove grid lines from file. 5. Create a triangle shape using pen tool as shown. Make a duplicate layer. To do that > go to Layer > Duplicate Layer > Click OK. Make a shadow effect. Select one shape from those 2 shapes that we just created. Go to Tools Panel > select Direct Selection Tool > select the point and pan down as shown. To blur, go to Filter > Blur > Box Blur > set the radius to 12 pixel. 6. Change the background color black to white. The blur shape is blurred outside from top area. To remove it, click Rectangular Marquee Tool > select that Blur Layer > select it > and press Del. 7.

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