How To: Create an easy glossy button in Photoshop

Create an easy glossy button in Photoshop

This video describes how to create an easy glossy button in Photoshop. This is done by "" website. First select the "Ellipse Tool" from the Photoshop tool bar and then drag it on the layer; it will give the ellipse shape in the layer. Select the "Blending options" from the "Layers" Menu by double click on the layer which is right below corner. From the blending options choose only the "Gradient Overlay" and in that we can choose color and its gradient as your wish. Now take another one duplicate layer as like same ellipse layer, then make small the size of that ellipse which should drawn inside the existing ellipse by pressing "Shift key" and drag the arrow down. Now for this second layer don't use the Gradient overlay and choose the "Color overlay" and take the white color for the ellipse. Now choose the "Paint Bucket tool" from tool bar and click into the ellipse and drag upwards until it gets fill after the draw another small ellipse inside that and choose the "Blur" option from the "Filter" menu from that select the "Gaussian Blur" and now click OK to create Blur. Now choose the "Stroke" and "Drop Shadow" and change the Background color to gray to View the Real Glassy Button. The Viewers would learn how easily Make the "Glassy Button" without more time consumption.

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