How To: Create fashion editorial style color pop in Photoshop

Create fashion editorial style color pop in Photoshop

Learn to create a fashion editorial style color in Photoshop! 1. From CHANNELS button select color of the Model. It will show different colors select as per your choice. 2. Click on Levels it will show the image selected. 3. Right click and select Black&White it will open ADJUSTMENTS button adjust the color. 4. Go back to CHANNELS button they all images will look same. Copy channel Blue and Select Blue copy3 and color model's body and hair with black. 3. Click on ADJUSTMENT button and adjust the color of body, dress, hair and everything as you want to be. 4. Click on Image, Adjustment button and then select LEVEL and set Input Levels as per your choice and click on OK button. 5. Now, for cleaning select model's body and click select Brush and set HARDNESS TO 100%. Select hair and other portions and color it.

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