How To: Create flowing water and a splash effect in Photoshop

Create flowing water and a splash effect in Photoshop

In this episode of Pixel Perfect, Bert shows us how to create flowing water and a photo-realistic splash effect in Photoshop. Perfect for a water fall or other water features, you'll be able to use these flowing water and splash effects in many Photoshop works of art.

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You're amazing! I Love when I can see the true potential of these effects!

amazing. JUST AMAZING! jawdropping! Wonderful work! the explanation was clear, the speaker was entertaining and friendly. It was sooo easy to learn! i'm glad i stumbled upon this site! i'll come more often! =D THANK YOU! MORE POWER!

When used fibers, mine is very very light, While your value is very contrasted. I haven't used fibers ever. So curious on why that is and how can I fix it would be greatly appreciated.

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