How To: Create a glossy rainbow effect in Photoshop

Create a glossy rainbow effect in Photoshop

pbj746 is here to teach you on how to create a glossy rainbow effect using Adobe Photoshop CS4. This can be easily done in a matter of minutes and you can try experimenting with other colors and effects to get variant number of sassy backgrounds.
-Firstly, create a new document under the file tab in Photoshop CS4.
-Next, set the document's Width to 500 and Height to 450.
-Unlock the background and paint the workspace black.
-Next, go to Filters > Render > Fibers.
-Set the variance to 36 and the strength to 1.
-Go to Filters > Blur > Motion Blur and click "Ok"
-Next, go to the layer properties of the current layer.
-Select Blending Options and set the gradient to the rainbow color.
-Go to Gradient overlay under Blending options and set the angle to 0 degrees and set the opacity to a 100%
-Set the scale to 110%
-Select the area you want, and mask the area.
-Next, create a new layer and paint it black.
-Go to layer properties > gradient overlay and set the color scheme from black to white. Set the opacity to how you like it.
-You are done.

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