How To: Create glowing text in Photoshop

Create glowing text in Photoshop

Learn how to create glowing text in Photoshop with this awesome video! 1. Write any text using text button T on the selected image as a background. Write a suitable text and place it somewhere. 2.Select the text and make it Bold. 3. right click and set Opacity and Fill options. Opacity changes the color of the text as well as its effect. Whereas Fill changes the color only . If you have set it to 0% then you can't see the text if its exist also. Set Opacity to 100%. 4. For glowing text select Outer Glow it will open a dialog box select size 18. Change the background color if you want Color Picker. 5. Select Inner Glow change color if you can turn it ON and Off. 6. To make a shadow of the text click on Image button and select Transform option.

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