How To: Create an old faded newspaper effect in Photoshop

Create an old faded newspaper effect in Photoshop

The video is about how an old stalled photographic image with faded backgrounds to a normal image. A nice clean digital image is taken and is mixed with a texture of a paper and produces a final composite image of all effects combined. The procedure is not that difficult but it needs to be followed in a proper order. First the paper texture is taken as a base and then the clean digital image is dragged onto this texture. The blending mode is adjusted from normal to multiplied blending mode, which gives a rough look of the image to be produced. And then a couple of things are to be done. First we need to saturate the image to get rid of the colors as it is going to be an integrated monitored image. It is done by adjusting the saturation level to -100 which gets the image de-saturated and second is we need to adjust the luminosity which is done directly on the image, It is done by clicking on CTRL+L which gives the level functions and it is adjusted accordingly. Then we need to create the stamp of the image to give half turn patterns, which is done by click on the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E. This can be viewed by clicking on the filter menu and select sketch and from that select Halftone pattern. In that adjust the size and the contrast level to suit the final image to be obtained. Then all the patterns are put into one by changing it from normal to luminosity and the opacity is also changed to make it look better. Then the finishing touch is done by giving rough patches on the image. All the image patterns are turned off and the paper texture is only left and then the select a suitable channel for the contrast. And then copy that and turn all the layers and select the layer with the original image and click on the align mask. And then change the level to have a defined look of the image and adjust it to introduce a grain effect on the image. If you want to soften the effect, then select blur from filter menu and adjust the eyeball and click on OK and the image is obtained.

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