How To: Create a painting effect using Photoshop

Create a painting effect using Photoshop

1. First of all select 'filter' at the ‘top tool bar’. Now select the 'artistic' from the ‘drop down’. Then select 'fresco' and then click 'ok'.

2. Now you have to make a new layer by going to the ‘top tool bar’ and then click on 'layer'. From the ‘drop down’ you have to click 'new' and then click on 'layer'. You can give any name to this layer and then click 'ok'.

3. From the ‘right side bottom bar’ select 'color'. Now from the ‘side tool bar’ you have to select the 'gradient ' tool. From the ‘top tool bar’ you have to click on the ‘color’. And then from the color box select the first ‘color’ that you want and click ‘ok’. Then move the ‘slider’ and then choose second ‘color’. You can choose different colors and add them in this slider.

4. Now make a horizontal line in the middle of the image to divide into two halves. Apply the ‘gradient’ tool. The image shall now have the required painting effect.

That’s it.

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