How To: Create perfect black & white images in Photoshop

Create perfect black & white images in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, learn the several methods to get black & white images from color originals in Photoshop. The first method is the simple desaturate by going to image > adjustments > desaturate and it will wipe out the color from your image. The second non-destructive way of doing this is going into the layers palette, adding a new adjustment layer, choosing hue and saturation and dragging the saturation slide all the way down to minus (-) 100. The next method is going to the channels pallet and selecting a suitable black & white image and copy pasting it as shown. The next method involves the lab mode; just convert the image to lab mode, without flattening and choose the lightness layer and copy paste it as shown. The final method is by using the channel mixer. Go back to the RGB mode, lay down a channel mixer adjustment layer, choose the monochrome option and mix the channels as shown.

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