How To: Create a Polaroid photo effect in Photoshop

Create a Polaroid photo effect in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial the instructor shows how to create a Polaroid photo. First open the regular photo and make it into square shape as Polaroid images are in square shape. So use the selection tool and crop it into square shape. Now unlock the layer from background mode. Now go to the image canvas size and increase the size of canvas like up to 800 X 800 pixels. Now the layer can be moved around in the canvas. Now add another layer and fill it with white. Now select the image leaving a slight border to the image. This border makes the image look like a Polaroid. Now you have to apply changes to the layer styles as shown in the video where it makes the changes to shadows so that it appears as if the new image is a Polaroid. This video shows how to take a normal image and make it as a Polaroid photo.

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