How To: Create a simple text effect in Photoshop

Create a simple text effect in Photoshop

This how-to video is about how to create a simple text effect in Photoshop.

First select "type tool" and input all the text, all the text should be in capital letters. Select the text and choose "character and photograph palette", then reduce the spacing to the normal desired size, go to the "layers" and choose "stroke" option, for there choose "layer style", then choose "color overlay" and pick the white color, then go to "stroke", select red and change the stroke volume to four, then select "center" from the drop down below stroke volume, and click "ok", then select the text layer and use "ctrl+J" shortcut to duplicate the layer. Now we will have two layers, go to "layer style" and go to "color overlay" and choose red, then move the "tutorial copy" layer below the "tutorial" layer by dragging, then select "move to" to move and position our layer. We can zoom in using shortcut "ctrl+", and we have to semi-free the text effect and we can experiment the position of the copy layer, that's it. We are done with creating a simple text effect in Photoshop.

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