How To: Create a transform effect in Illustrator

Create a transform effect in Illustrator

This video takes us through the procedure of creating a transform effect in Illustrator. First, choose a rectangular box and fill color in it. Input some text inside the box. The font and the color of the text can also be changed. Then position the text properly. Make a group of the shape and text. Now go to effect and choose transform. Transform is a very powerful effect which lets us create duplicates. Now select the number of copies, for example, one copy. Select preview. Now set the points for the transform to be created horizontally towards left or right. After setting the points the transform will be successfully created horizontally. To create the transform vertically, choose the transform or the original image, and again choose a new transform effect. Apply the new effect. This time select vertical, and vary the points such that the transform is successfully created in the vertical direction. Set the number of copies needed to create as many copies. Likewise, we can also change the color of the transforms by using the group. The stroke color can also be changed, or the picture can be resized as well. The input text and color of the text can also be changed.

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