How To: Create a warm grunge background in Photoshop

Create a warm grunge background in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a warm grunge background in Photoshop. First, create a large circle on a burnt orange background in Photoshop. Now, go to layer, adjustment layer, then levels. Hit "ok" then the level's adjustment layer will be masked. Now, go grab the bottom black slider and brighten up the middle. Use the overlay to create a center glow. Next, bring in texture using a brushed metal texture from this photo. Now, even the image out by going to image, then image rotation to make it go on its side. Duplicate the layer, then free transform it. Right click, then make it horizontal and set it to the blend mode of screen. After this, select both layers and merge them together. After this, you will have a great warm grunge background, save and enjoy!

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