How To: Crop a photograph in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Crop a photograph in Adobe Photoshop CS4

This video is about how to crop a photograph in Adobe Photoshop CS4. So the first step that you will have to do is just simply open the Adobe Photoshop CS4. Once it has loaded, just open a picture that you want to crop out. After the picture have been loaded. If the picture is too small, you can simply click on the zoom icon to make the image clearer. After wards, you need to use the marquee tool which is found on the left side of the screen. Just simply right click the icon and choose which shape would you like to use depending on the part where you want to crop. After wards, make the selection and simply drag it on the part that you want to crop out and simply press "Delete" found on the keyboard. That's pretty much how to crop out an image and you're done!

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thank you so much for your video it has helped me alot May God bless your heart always

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