How To: Dodge and burn non-destructively in Photoshop

Dodge and burn non-destructively in Photoshop

Yanik Chauvin demonstrates how to do Non Destructive Dodging (lighten) and burning (darken) of images using the tools in Photoshop. He shows the image of a man lying on earth with his camera. To start the work he wants to make a new layer which can be done in two ways either by clicking on the 'layer' button on top of menu or by pressing down the alt key and clicking on the new layer at button of the layer palette. It will bring up the dialogue box. He named it "dodge and burn" and from the layer mode he selected 'soft light'. Then he clicked the box for 50% grey colored layer to be created, which is really important, and clicked OK. Then bring back the layer palette to see the newly created layer. To darken or lighten it more he use brush tool. Set black as the foreground color to burn through the image nondestructively. Then he increased the brush size with 100% opacity and darkened the image. To make it look darker he needs to lighten the image. So he changed the white as the foreground color, changed the opacity to 15%, lowered the brush size and did some dodging on places where it is naturally black the hair, hands, coat, and shoes.
So he completed dodging and burning the image. To see the original image brings on the layer palette, and checks the new image embedded with new layer which hides to see the undestroyed original image. He duplicates the layer by right clicking and selecting duplicate layer he gets a new image with more opacity which he reduces by dragging the button on layer palette. Since new layer largely exposes of the light side he suggest making a new layer, which he named "d and b 2", selecting 'soft light', clicking 50% grey color. Now he gets a new layer to work with, and starts over again. Most people accept this type of photo since it is enhanced and last he promises to return with a new tutorial on how to darken the sky.

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