How To: Download & install GTA San Andreas Multiplayer

Download & install GTA San Andreas Multiplayer

Although Grand Theft Auto 4 was released, many people are still going to want to play GTA San Andreas. Here's how to download and install GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. First, go to Google and search GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. Then, click on the first result that comes up. Go to that website and click on one of the download links that shows up. (Either one of them is fine.) Open the file and follow the Setup Wizard. The installation process takes a very short time and is very easy. Then navigate to the folder with the game files in it. (It is located in your Program Files > Rockstar Games > GTA San Andreas.) Either drag the .exe file to your desktop or make a shortcut to make that file easier to access. Open the file, and make a username. Then join a server by clicking the check mark. You can either find a server on Google or get one from your friends. Connect to that server, and you're done! Have fun!

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