How To: Draw a fox in Photoshop

Draw a fox in Photoshop

In this video we are shown an easy way to draw a fox using Photoshop. First, start with a rough sketch on a separate layer. Rough in the head, ears, snout, and eyes. Make a new layer and outline your previous drawing. In this layer put in more detail such as the jagged outline of the fur and the details of the face. To colorize your fox, put in a new layer under the outline layer. The fox should be colored a dull orange, with dark brown shadows for the ears and white under the muzzle and on the chest. Use the smaller brush tool to put in details of shading, highlights, and eye color. To finish up, blur the edges of your fox, and smudge the highlights and shadows for a more realistic look. The very last step is to add the whiskers using a very fine brush. When you have finished you will have a very nice drawing of a red fox which took only a few minutes, using the most common of Photoshop tools.

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