How To: Enhance sunshine in a landscape in Photoshop

Enhance sunshine in a landscape in Photoshop

1)Open image, go to channel. Look for the channel that gives the most contrast by going through them one by one.
2) Right hand click and duplicate channel. Select the duplicate.
3) Go to Image - adjustments - levels, Change left box to 176.
4) Click command on the channel.
5) Go back to layers. Create new layer. Hit Q to go into quickmask mode. Go over any bits of light you don't want.
6) Come out of the mode, go to edit, fill, change content to white, opacity 100, blending mode normal.
7) press ctrl + d to deselect. Click ctrl + J to duplicate the layer.
8) go to filter, blur, radial blur, change amount 100, blur method to zoom, quality to best.
9) Drag icon to where the light should shine through on your picture.
10) Layer, style, add outer glow, use defaults, but change outer layer to white. Press okay, okay.
11) Hit Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer again.
12) Zoom out, click a few times, click ctrl + t. Drag out light beams equally. Hit apply and you're done!

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