How To: Extract and color correct in Photoshop CS4

Extract and color correct in Photoshop CS4

In this Software video you will see how to extract and apply color correction in Photoshop CS4. First select the object and extract it. The tool that you use to extract will depend on the type of image. For example, for oranges, select the Magnetic Lasso Tool from the left hand panel. Take the cursor, click on the outer line of an orange and drag the cursor along the outline of the orange. The tool automatically creates anchor points. You don't have to click. But, if you want to create an anchor point, you can click to do so. Once it is done, copy (ctrl+C) and paste (ctrl+V) the image onto a new document of 500 x 500 size. Now select a new layer and create a different set of contrast and brightness. Watch the video for full instructions.

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