How To: Fake a depth of field using Photoshop

Fake a depth of field using Photoshop

If you want to learn how to add a fake depth of field in Photoshop this is for you. First start off with a picture that has clarity throughout the picture. The first thing to do is add another layer. To do this you must grab your first layer and drag it to the bottom right where it says new layer. You will now have two layers to choose from. The next step is to blur the top layer of the photo. To do this select the top layer go to filter at the top of your window and scroll down to blur. Select a Gaussian blur and select the blur radius to your preference. Now you must click on the layer mask icon on the bottom right of your window. After this you need to add a gradient to the photo with black is the foreground and white as the background. After you have this gradient selected click on the photo where you want it to be clear and move the line towards the back of the picture. After this is complete the object(s) in the foreground will be clear and the background will still have a blur causing a fake field of depth.

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