How To: Get a tan using Photoshop CS4

Get a tan using Photoshop CS4

Robert demonstrates how to use Photoshop to give yourself a tan. First, you need to upload your picture(s) into Photoshop. Then pick one to work on. Next, you will need to copy the background to save the original image. On the right side drag the background label to the new layer icon (you can just hit control J). You will then need to select a paintbrush tool. Go up to the tool bar and click on the paintbrush settings to set the hardness at 80%. The master diameter will be adjusted as you work on different parts of the picture. Next, hit Q on your keyboard to switch to quick mask mode (the background label on the right will turn gray instead of blue). Go down to the lower left corner and make sure the color in the square is black. Then zoom in on the picture and begin tracing everything on the picture you want to be tan (it should look red). If you make a mistake hit X on your keyboard and go over the spot you messed up on to fix it. Then hit X again to go back to what you were doing. You can adjust the brush size at any time to do smaller areas. When you are done the picture should look like it has a sunburn. Then hit the Q button on the keyboard to select everything. To only select what you colored go up to the menu bar and click Select. The go down to Inverse and select that. Now you want to go up the menu bar again and select Image. Scroll down to Adjustments and then click on Curves. A graph will pop up click in the middle and drag the line down towards the lower right corner as much as you want. Once you have what you want go to the menu bar click on Select and scroll down to Deselect. Your tan is finished. If you want to change the blending mode by going to the right side and clicking the the arrow and choose Luminosity to make it less orange. Enjoy!!

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