How To: Give someone a headache in Photoshop

Give someone a headache in Photoshop

Use two photos, a main image and a photo of a cracked egg which will be your source of the headache. Drag the egg into the main image by holding down the shift key. Resize the egg. Change the opacity down to 50%. Zoom out. Command T flips the image. Hold option and right click. Position the image. Add layer mask icon. Bring back to 100%. Brush. Go to color palate and make sure black paint is on. Paint away all, but the cracked part of the egg. Add the black and white layer, only the egg portion. Hold option key and click. Change to blend mode and overlay egg. Change color. Bring out the red. Add yellow. Do masking to change large red area. Add black and white layer. Change blend mode to overlay. Add sharpening. Merge and copy all layers. Add to top. Ctrl +alt+shift E. Click ok. Change to overlay.

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