How To: Legally put ringtones on your iPhone 3Gs

Legally put ringtones on your iPhone 3Gs

TubeTutorials teaches viewers how to legally put free ring tones on their iPhone 3GS! First, go to start menu and click on computer. Click on organize, layout and make sure menu bar is checked. Click on tools and go to folder option go on view and uncheck 'hide extensions for known file types' and click 'apply'. Now open iTunes and pick a song you want. First, right click the song click get info. Go to options and click start time and stop time. Copy the stop time and change the stop time and make sure it is not longer that 20 seconds long. Right click and click create AAC version. Now, click on the original one and paste the old stop time into this. Click on the 20 second long and click show in windows explorer. Change the m4a to .m4r. Drag this over to library in iTunes and let go. Or you can add this by clicking add file to library and it will appear in the ringtones tab and update this using your iPhone.

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