How To: Make animated gifs with Adobe Fireworks CS4/CS3

Make animated gifs with Adobe Fireworks CS4/CS3

In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to make animated GIFs with Adobe Fireworks CS4/CS3. It is easier than Photoshop and Flash. You can create a picture or you can drag and drop a picture. To drag and drop a picture, find out the dimensions of the picture. In the example, it is 420 x 420. Now open fireworks, open a new document and set the height and width to 420 pixels and click OK. Now drag the picture and drop it in to the blank canvas. On the top bar go to window > states. Turn off other animations, right click and duplicate the state. In the duplicate state window, select number 1, choose ‘after current state’ and click OK. Go to window > others > image editing and change the color. Then duplicate this state and make number 2, change the color. In this way make as many states as you want. Then you can change the timing as shown in the video and click ‘play’ to view the effect. You can watch the video for further tips.

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