How To: Make boobs bigger in Photoshop

Make boobs bigger in Photoshop

One of the most suggested topics on youtube for Photoshop is enhancing breast size. Sending an image to someone & need to alter it? Want your boobs to look bigger? Or do you just want to have some fun giving girls bigger boobs on Photoshop? This tutorial demonstrates how to increase breast size using Photoshop.

Enlarging and enhancing breasts in Photoshop! Not recommended for kids! Enjoy!

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i like this video

there are many fake things in this world

im gonna freak my mom out and send her a pick of me with huge boobs (i'm a guy) :P

is it photoshop cs2, cs3, cs4, light room, elements? tell me if it is cs3.. this video is great!

notify me at

fantastic, gr8 tecniq
perfact paisa wasool of photoshop

what abt penis enlargement
will it work?

So when do you fix the displacement at the top left of her chest, next to her arm ? she looks like a spaz

my boobs is bigger

heh heh.Sweet.

LOL If you look at her right arm it looks squished and her right side it looks enlarged. Major side effects XD

Good work anyway ;)

it is really great

You sir, are a genious

Wow! that was great! they look so...... real - like she just had surgery!

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