How To: Make a broken mirror effect using Photoshop

Make a broken mirror effect using Photoshop

This video demonstrates how to make a broken mirror effect using Photoshop.

For this firstly in a picture in Photoshop click twice on the level to unlock it.Then select the polygon lasso tool and draw the various forms you would like to give to the pieces.Inside the form,click the right key of the mouse to open the menu,and choose layer via cut.Now you have to click in the eye what appear in the new level.It will serve to hide it and to continue to cut other pieces.Then select the first layer and continue in this way.After we finish with this we have to delete the first layer and create a new one as background.The new layer should be positioned as the first one and then fill it with a color.Then click in the eyes of the layer to make them visible.Click twice on a layer to open the menu layer style.Put the contour and then regulate the size of bevel and emboss.Then click the right key of the mouse above the layer and choose copy layer style.Then click with the right key on the other levels and choose paste layer style.So you are done.

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