How To: Make a fake tattoo using Photoshop CS3

Make a fake tattoo using Photoshop CS3

The first thing to do is open up Photoshop. Find a pic of a person and clip art you would like to use. Open those documents. On the side of the toolbar, find the brush tool to adjust the clip art correctly. Make a rectangle inside the clip art. Then hit Ctrl+c to cut the clip art out of the box and paste in the picture of the person. Then you remove the white in the picture by clicking on layers, and darken. When you do that, you are ready to shape the clip art to the body by clicking the boxes to angle the art. Then left-click and select warp to give it the look that it is really shaped to the body. Then save your work and pull it up again. You just made a fake tatoo on Photoshop!

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