How To: Make a glossy apple logo in Photoshop

Make a glossy apple logo in Photoshop

First create a new 800x600 document and fill it with black color. Then create a new Layer and add a white circle with the hard edge Brushtool Select the 'Eraser tool' and use the same brush (a bit smaller) to erase the inside of that circle. Rightclick an layer 1 and go to the blending options. Add a contour. Now you should have a simple ring. Create a new layer again, and drag a dark red/brown circle inside the ring. Open up the Apple Logo (download in discription). Resize/replace it. Rightclick on layer 2 and go to blending options. Just add Simple Drop Shadow. Create a new layer again with the help of 'Lasso tool' drag the same shape as shown. Add a White-to-Transparent gradient into it. Select the layers (hold ctrl key) exept the backround Layer. After that, hit ctrl+E, Rightclick on the merged layer and go to the blending options again. Add a dark red outer glow. Size:higher and Opacity:lower.

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