How To: Make graffiti using Photoshop

Make graffiti using Photoshop

Walagers helps us learn how to make graffiti in Photoshop. First, go to "Select" and click on "Color Range". Use the eye dropper tool to select the color of the background, then press delete. Next, press "alt" and double click on the background layer to convert it to a normal layer. Using the brush tool, select the type of brush you want and the brush's size. Brushes can be downloaded from Use the eyedropper tool to select part of the graffiti. It is recommended to use the same color to give it a raw look and then to play around with the colors on different parts of the graffiti to create different effects. If you need to rotate a brush, go to "Brushes", select the brush shape, and rotate the crosshairs using the arrow to achieve your desired effect.

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