How To: Make a photo black and white with colored parts

Make a photo black and white with colored parts

This video teaches us to make a photo black and white with coloured parts in Photoshop. This procedure consists of many steps. In the first step, we choose the magnetic lasso tool from the application. This is followed by the second step. In the second step, we draw the contours of the places we want to stay colored in the photo. Press the 'Shift' key to keep the contours selected while drawing contours across multiple places in the image. After drawing the contours, go to step three. Right click on the mouse above the selected part and choose 'Feather'. Write 2 or 3 in the text box for pixels. Press 'OK'. Choose the layer via copy. The selected parts are in the different layer. Now modify the color in the first layer. Go to 'Image', 'Adjustments' and 'Black and White'. This finishes the task.

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