How To: Make a Polaroid image in Photoshop CS3

Make a Polaroid image in Photoshop CS3

CreativeIceDesigns shows you how to make a "Polaroid"-style image on Photoshop CS3. Open a new 400 x 500 pixel image, and create a new layer, and drag underneath the original background layer. On the original "Layer 0" (the top-most layer), take the marquee tool and cut out (delete) a square, so that what you have in front of you looks like a Polaroid picture. Drag the the picture you want in, transform it into the right shape (ctrl + T) and drag it underneath "Layer 0." You can add effects (Stroke of gray) or text if you want. You can edit your pictures like Polaroids if you follow this video to use on websites, social-networking sites, or anything you want!

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