How To: Make a quick and easy wallpaper in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Make a quick and easy wallpaper in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe Photoshop CS4 lets you create images and graphics that represent your personality. This video tutorial demonstrates how to make a quick, cool, and easy wallpaper design for your personal computer desktop. Either copy the provided example, or make your own tweaks and come up with a cool custom design.

Step 1 - File new / 1600px x 800px
Step 2 - Filter / Renders / Fibers : Variance 16.0 Strength 4.0
Step 3 - Filter / Blur / Motion Blur : Angle 90 degrees , Distance 999
Step 4 - Layer Style / Gradient overlay : Blend mode - overlay, Angle 0 degrees, Choose the gradient. OPTIONAL
Step 5 - Right click on layer and copy layer style. Step 6 - Select rectangular marquee tool and select half of the image.
Step 7 - Copy and paste it - CTRL + C then CTRL + V.
Step 8 - Layer Style / Drop Shadow : Distance 14px, Spread 6%, Size 62px.
Step 9 - Add text.
Step 10 - Save image as a JPEG.

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