How To: Make a shiny glass ball in Photoshop

Make a shiny glass ball in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a shiny glass ball in Adobe Photo-shop. Begin by creating a new document with the default size and a transparent background. Then paint the entire background in black. Now select the marquee tool and create a circle anywhere in the background. Now go to filter, click on Render and select Len Flare. Make the lens flare 105 mm prime with 141% brightness. Then go to Filter, click on Distort and select Spherize. Use normal mode and set the amount to 100%. Finish by going to Adjustments, click on Color Balance and select the color that you wish. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy editing and creating images on the computer, and would like to learn how to create a glass ball to create an image with.

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