How To: Make smart contact sheets with Photoshop

Make smart contact sheets with Photoshop

In this photography tutorial, you learn how to create a contact sheet using Photoshop for your digital photography prints. In order to create this contact sheet, you can open Photoshop, go to File, find the subfolder called "Automate" and then choose to create a contact sheet. If your version of Photoshop does not appear to have this setting, your version of Photoshop should have come with a secondary disk which has this feature. You can also find the file from Adobe if you do not have the goodies disk. Then, you should select the folder which you would like to make a contact sheet of. You can then select other options to further personalize your contact sheet, such as how many prints to put on a page. After waiting for the program to compile all the images, you are now left with a contact sheet with all your pictures ready for your inspection.

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