How To: not suck at Photoshop

not suck at Photoshop

Even if you do not understand Photoshop, you should watch this, because the storytelling is great.

As our 90,000+ video library attests, how-to's are a genre, per se. And screencasts are a particular sub-genre, especially useful for software instruction.

The last thing you want is some omniscient jerk giving away 'the story'. I am not going to be that jerk. At least, not today.

Despite the title, there are real Photoshop skills displayed in this tutorial.

'Hilarious' is not inherently the nature or ambition of most instructionals. Notwithstanding, this gem will give you a belly laugh while it teaches. If school were this much fun, we would be a nation of geniuses.

Not suck at Photoshop and vandalize a VW bus

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dude that has to be dane cook.....

Does your marrage suck bad then?

no affence with the question :)

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