How To: Not suck at Photoshop and remove a wedding band

Not suck at Photoshop and remove a wedding band

Here's episode three of the delightfully demented video tutorial, You Suck at Photoshop. Get rid of your dirty liar ring with Photoshop and Dane Cook. Use the clone stamp tool and manually sample from a similar area. Thank you! Erase 7 years of marriage in no time!

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I love the series so far... very funny

good one!

but i dont really suck @ photoshop!!

Who Is Jonny That the Girl Screaming AboutxD?

Don't forget to remove the whole hand so she can't steal any more of your soul, dude.

o my hahaha!!! hiliarious video!!
but thanks! i learned something from it as well!

Love this and I had to subscribe not only for the great tips but you are way to funny!!

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