How To: Paint digital paintings in Photoshop

Paint digital paintings in Photoshop

If you are looking to improve your Photoshop skills by learning how to digital paint in it, this video shows you how to do it. To do this, open a new Photoshop canvas and select your brush to paint with. In this example the author shows how to paint a pear for demonstration purposes. You start by drawing a rough sketch, just using your paint brush and reference an image of a pear that you find in this tutorial. Now do the dark textured work on the non lighting side as shown in the video. Now you need to add color. As working with color can be tricky and difficult initially do it first in black and white and you can later go on and use other colors. Next in this video the instructor shows how to select different colors and how to apply the shades very carefully. This video shows how to digital paint in Photoshop.

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