How To: Resize a basic image in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Resize a basic image in Adobe Photoshop CS5

1. First of all you need to have a folder containing stock of various photos downloaded from the internet. The width of these images is ‘780’ and you need to resize them to ‘550’.

2. Drag all these images into Photoshop. The tutor advises you can save a copy of the original folder so that in case anything goes wrong you still have a copy.

3. Now go to ‘windows’ and then hit ‘action’. To decrease the size of the box, you can ‘shrink’ it with the ‘arrow’ button at the bottom.

4. Now create a new folder and name this folder as 'personal action'. Again open the 'action set' and write the name it as 'resize image'. If there is a 'shift checkmark' then keep it in mind.

5. Then you shall find the ‘record button’ highlighted which shows that all your actions are now being recorded. Now click on the ‘adjust current images size’ to ‘record’ this.

6. So click ‘image size’ and write ‘550’ in ‘width’. Now ‘save’ and then ‘close’ the ‘image box’. Close the ‘action window’ and then press ‘F12’.

In a few seconds all the images shall be resized to ‘550’.

That’s it.

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