How To: Retouch or add digital makeup using Photoshop

Retouch or add digital makeup using Photoshop

If you want to retouch or add digital make up using Photoshop you should first erase and cover up any blemishes you see on the surface of the skin. This can be bruises, blemishes, or even acne marks and bumps. Do this anywhere you feel necessary such as the face or on the body. Using the lighten tool, you can also lighten the eye color as well as the whites of the eyes. Next, you can also adjust the texture and color of the lips. You can also shift the color saturation of the picture to add retouching. Next, highlight the brows of the eys and darken them if you see fit and necessary. You can also adjust bags under the eyes as well as lighten the waterline of the eye. You can also darken under the waterline to give the effect of eyeliner. Next, highlight under the brow to give the effect of eye shadow. You can also do this along the crease of the eye and eyelid. Next, highlight and select the lips and darken this to a lip color of choice. After editing all things of your choice you can finish up and show your finished image!

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